T E Morris


T E Morris is the lead songwriter of acclaimed cult band Her Name Is Calla.

He has toured all over the world both as a solo artist and with his band.
In 2011 he self released a total of six EP’s, following that output with a full length album in February named ‘We Were Animals’ on his own label Olynka Records.

August 2012 saw a very limited release of Morris’s second album entitled ‘And You Were The Hunter’ amongst a flurry of other eps, mini albums as well as free downloads here and there. The album was released worldwide in June 2013 via Function Records and quickly followed up by the mini album ‘The Long Distance Runner.

He has written extensively for television and film. His song Love Can Do All But Raise The Dead (adapted from the Emily Dickinson poem) was written for and performed live on the BAFTA award winning Southcliffe in 2014.

He has written with artists including Fiona Bevan, Folk Awards winner Bella Hardy and Sweet Billy Pilgrim amongst others. He has also performed alongside the likes of Stornoway, Willy Mason and RM Hubbert and others.

2015 sees Tom release a trilogy of albums, all with no promotion and available in limited handcut vinyl and CD with individually handprinted sleeves and with unique 35mm photo covers. LOST is available now, with And Now Of That Second Kingdom Will I Sing following in June, and finishing with Newfoundland and the accompanying 8mm short film in December.

Tom is also currently releasing his first serial novel entitled An Unknown Island that includes two albums with overlapping tracks. It concludes in late 2015.

“We Were Animals is confessional, an open statement of private struggles and private sins; it does not hope for redemption or for help—it simply asks to be heard.” – The Bomber Jacket

“At his best, Morris sounds fragile, brooding and melancholic, his voice haunting. Having an impressive vocal range certainly helps, and he uses it to forge an atmosphere of quiet intensity.” – Whisperin and Hollerin

“His mind is fully saturated with ideas, something affirmed by his prodigious output” – GodisintheTV